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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprachenzentrum

Wintersemester 2018/19

Englisch  -  Workshop

Thesis Writing in Gender Studies/American Studies/Cultural Studies
  Online-Einschreibung hier ab 30. November 10 Uhr, genaue Termine erst dann.

This sequence of four workshops is designed to provide direct help to MA and Bachelor’s students who want to write a thesis in English. They include practical lessons in creating and maintaining a writing schedule, designing and structuring a thesis around a central question, and breaking down thesis-writing into distinct, manageable tasks. Students writing a thesis informed by Gender Studies, American Studies/Cultural Studies, English and History are especially welcome, though any student seeking to write a thesis in English in the humanities or social sciences is encouraged to enroll.

Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 50 bis 100 Punkten.
91090    16-18    Dr. J. Morton  1 ECTS-Punkte  10 €