Juli - Oktober 2021

Englisch  -  Spezialkurs

Preparing for the TOEFL (16.08.-20.08.21)
This 20-unit TOEFL Course (Test of English as a Foreign Language) will cover all the major parts of the exam – Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading and their component parts. The exam itself is Internet based and students will be familiarised with the process at the beginning of the course. The content of each part will be  to each student since it deals with campus life, lectures, lecture notes, note taking, balancing an argument, discussion and other such areas of University life. The main focus therefore, will be on the techniques and skills necessary to obtain high scores in the TOEFL exam. Since there is no grammar component any grammar points will be addressed through personal feedback and going over any areas of weakness with the whole class. Students will be expected to complete tests for homework, either for discussion in class or for personal feedback. By the end of the course the students will be well prepared and have the solid foundation and knowledge to go to the exam with confidence. 

Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 55 bis 100 Punkten.
91082    09-12 Mo-Fr Online  R. Best  0 ECTS-Punkte  65 €