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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprachenzentrum

Februar - April 2021

Englisch  -  UNIcert III (C1)

Academic English Focussing on IELTS Preparation (19.03-01.04.21)

This course emphasizes the fluent articulation of ideas and arguments through speaking and writing practice, while also developing listening and reading skills. Expanding academic vocabulary will further develop speaking and writing skills. Active involvement in class discussions and completion of written assignments will prepare students for final IELTS-style tests in all four skill areas at the end of the course. The course covers:


•     - Reading - Preparing students for the format of IELTS tests but also looking at recent articles of general interest. Speaking - Students will have the opportunity to prepare topics of their choice and engage in lively debates as well as in a variety of discussions.


•    - Listening skills will be improved through various forms of media such as TED talks and short videoclips.


•     - Writing will mainly focus on argumentative essays as required in the IELTS test. Grammar useful for expressing oneself for discussions and  debates as well as written argumentative essays will also be looked at.  

Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 65 bis 100 Punkten.
91070    09-14 Mo-Fr Online  D. Dombrowsky  5 ECTS-Punkte  155 €