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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprachenzentrum

Februar - Mrz 2020

Englisch  -  UNIcert III (C1)

English for Academic Purposes: Writing and Listening (02.-13.03.20)
  This course focuses on speaking, listening and writing in an academic context: Speaking: Texts on various topics will be the basis of discussions, which will be chaired by the students. Students will also choose and prepare debating topics which they will engage with in pairs.. Writing: The writing element focuses on the conventions of essay writing in English. Essays will be on topics related to the discussions. Listening: Students will practice their listening comprehension skills through exposure to a variety of media sources, including academic lectures. In all three areas, students will work on broadening their academic vocabulary. Lively involvement in classroom activities and completion of home assignments will prepare students for the final tests in listening and reading comprehension and vocabulary.
Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 65 bis 100 Punkten.
91064    09-14 Mo-Fr DOR 24,3.020  D. Dombrowsky  5 ECTS-Punkte  40 € 

Englisch  -  UNIcert III (C1)

Academic English Focussing on IELTS Preparation (16.-27.03.20)
  This course emphasizes the fluent articulation of ideas and arguments through speaking and writing practice, while also developing listening and reading skills. Expanding academic vocabulary will further develop speaking and writing skills. Grammar will be remedial. Active involvement in class discussions and completion of written assignments will prepare students for final IELTS-style tests in all four skill areas at the end of the course. The course covers: • Reading - identifying opinion and making inferences: Diverse reading materials on aspects of living & studying abroad and other topics of general interest provide the basis for stimulating discussion and critical thinking. • Listening beyond surface meaning: Listening skills will be improved through various forms of media (e.g. lectures) and taking notes. • Speaking - describing and discussing an experience: Students will improve their speaking skills through short presentations, discussions and debates. • Writing descriptive reports and argumentative essays: The writing element will focus on the argumentative essay and practical applications such as emails. IELTS-style tests in all four skill areas will determine final course grades.
Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 65 bis 100 Punkten.
91065    09-14 Mo-Fr DOR 24,3.020  D. Dombrowsky  5 ECTS-Punkte  40 €