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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprachenzentrum

Juli - Oktober 2018

Englisch  -  UNIcert II (B2)

Learning English with Drama (20.-31.08.18)
  This course is useful for those who wish to expand their oral communication skills in a safe and exciting environment. You will be taken through a series of short activities using drama techniques to deepen your understanding of the language. You will practise your oral skills in various situations such as debating, reciting your favourite composition, providing 'expert' advice on a chosen topic and saving the world in 60 seconds. You will also develop your range of pronunciation and intonation, perfect the third conditional and more! We will read the Pulitzer-Prize-winning play "Disgraced" by Ayad Akhta, analyse its scenes and characters and conclude with a performance of it (inside the class room). Please provide your own copy of the play. (There are a few copies in the Mediothek DOR 65, 2nd floor)
No previous acting experience is required, only a willingness to participate and communicate. Guaranteed fun and guaranteed learning! Amy Nye is a trained theatre practitioner and English teacher, who uses her acting techniques to facilitate language learning.
Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 50 bis 75 Punkten.
91019    09-14 Mo-Fr DOR 65, 3.27  A. Nye  5 ECTS-Punkte  40 €