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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprachenzentrum

Juli - Oktober 2017

Englisch  -  Spezialkurs

Br├╝ckenkurs (B1/B2): Improve your English (07.-18.08.2017)
  This course is at CEF level B1 and will help prepare you for courses at UNIcert┬« II level (B2). You should have a minimum of 200 hours of English learning (ca 3 years). The skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing will be developed with a focus on vocabulary work and a detailed treatment of grammar (tenses with emphasis on progressive and simple forms, past and present perfect, questions, negatives, active and passive, auxiliary verbs). There will be a comprehensive final test covering all skills and use of English (grammar and vocabulary). Course materials will be provided.
Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 35 bis 55 Punkten.
Dieser Kurs kann auch von Gasthörern online gebucht werden.
91000    09-14 Mo-Fr DOR 24, 3.020  R. Best  5 ECTS-Punkte  120 €